Eco Biodegradable Confetti Cannon

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    What are Biodegradable Confetti Cannons?

    Biodegradable confetti cannons contain either confetti, or holi powder minimising their impact on our environment by breaking down, or dissolving in an organic way.


    Biodegradable Eco Confetti Cannons

    Our Biodegradable Eco Confetti Cannons are available in both White or Multicolour and will begin to dissolve immediately upon contact with water. The process is really quite spectacular to watch.
    "How does your eco confetti work?" you might ask. Well, it's not actually made from normal paper, instead it's made from rice paper. If you were to boil some rice and have the starch build up around the edge of a pot, that's the most similar substance you'll experience to our eco rice confetti - hence it has a slightly see-through appearance.


    Biodegradable Confetti Cannons

    Our Biodegradable Confetti Cannons are made from an extremely light weight tissue paper and this allows them to break down organically faster than most other types of confetti. We've created a blog on biodegradable confetti cannons that even shows the confetti after a set amount of days through the effects of rain and morning dew on the confetti.
    Biodegradable Confetti won't dissolve immediately, but it does break down almost entirely within a week when exposed to natural elements.


    Gender Reveal and Holi Powder/Smoke Cannons

    Our Gender Reveal and holi Powder/Smoke Cannons also disolve instantly upon contact with water, in fact if it's windy you may not see any evidence of them at all on the ground. "How?" you'll likely ask - Holi powder is made from corn flour and food dye, this means it'll simply wash off and not even leave a stain of any kind!


    Can I use confetti at my venue?

    It's best to check with your venue and see what timeframe they're ok with the confetti dissolving. We'll have sample packs available soon so that you can show your venue how quickly our biodegradable eco confetti cannons dissolve.