Multicoloured Eco Confetti cannon launcher/popper

Multicoloured Eco Confetti cannon launcher/popper

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45cm environmentally friendly confetti cannon

These disposable one-shot, simple to use cannons that are great fun and always  a hot seller due to the their premium confetti fillings and cost effectiveness. If you are chasing a few for a birthday party or are a venue wanting to buy in bulk we can accommodate to your needs with our great cannon and confetti range.

You can be assured that you using top quality confetti that will look stunning.

A rainbow of colourful paper slips these stay in the air extra long and create instant effect at outdoor parties! Share a few of these around your guests at the next party and launch them into the air. -Try and have a photographer handy, these make for great Instagram or family album shots!

The rice paper dissolves on contact with water and disappears quickly leaving no mess to clean up, perfect for outdoor use.

Our standard launcher is 45cm long and confetti is launched by twisting the base and pointing away from people. All our confetti is flame retardant and non toxic.

All the confetti shown in our product photo is from a single launcher.

What's the difference between paper and eco confetti?