Gender Reveal Smoke Powder Cannon Confetti

gender reveal


    Our gender reveal range includes Gender Reveal Confetti & Smoke Cannons, Poppers and our newest combined smoke and confetti cannons!

    Where to buy a Gender Reveal Cannon

    You can buy gender reveal cannons above, or if you're rather purchase in store you can click here to view a map of our retailers on our stores page and buy your gender reveal popper in person.

    How to use or pop a Gender Reveal Cannon

    You can use our cannons by firmly holding the base (the shorter send of the cannon), pointing them up and away from people and then twisting the top section in the direction of the arrows. Keeping your hands closer together on the cannon will make this easier. You'll hear a loud 'pop' and then the smoke, confetti or a combination of each will shoot out the top.

    How to open a Gender Reveal Cannon

    There's no need to open the cannon, the lid will pop off by itself when used.

    How to do a Gender Reveal with a cannon

    Hold the cannon firmly up and away from people and twist to use. Be sure to have your photographer allow extra frae due to distance the gender reveal smoke or confetti will shoot out.

    I'd like to sell Gender Reveal Cannons in my store

    If you'd like to sell our products in your store we'd love to hear from you. You can learn a little more about this from the partner with us page and then use the contact form to let us know a little more about your party store or ultrasound clinic.