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    Our Wedding Confetti range has a diverse range of environmentally options. From white to multicoloured, synthetic material to biodegradable and water soluble confetti.

    Biodegradable Wedding Confetti Cannons

    All Paper confetti is biodegradable and only requires a limited amount of rain to break down, however we now offer Eco Confetti options for weddings. 

    What is the difference between biodegradable and eco confetti?

    Biodegradable confetti may take up to a week to break down. However eco confetti will break down instantly upon contact with water. If your wedding venue has a tight turn around, or requires confetti that can be cleaned up without a trace then your best option may be eco as it will simply hose down. If you'd like to provide a sample to your wedding venue, please reach out to us directly and we can provide you with some.

    When is the best time to use confetti at a wedding?

    Traditionally most couples will chose to use the confetti during the recessional however it can also be used during the final exit from a reception or during the kiss. Any of the above will look amazing in photos:

    Wedding Photo with confetti cannon
    Photo by Emily Howlett
    wedding photo with confetti white themed
    Wedding Photo with Confetti Clarity Photogrpahy
    Confetti Cannon Processional