Taking the best Gender Reveal photo or video

Taking the best Gender Reveal photo or video - Confettified

Taking a great gender reveal photo, or video isn't always easy. Even more so when you're not a professional photographer. Sometimes you just want your friend to catch that special moment on camera for your socials.

We're going to outline a few quick tips & tricks to help.

Use the best camera or phone that you have

    If your partner has a newer, or better phone than you, be sure to use it. Don't let your friend that refuses to upgrade their phone for several years attempt to capture your reveal.

    Clean your phone

      This might seem like an obvious one, but as you go about your day oils from your skin will accumulate on your phone's camera lens. While don't need to get out the windex or anything like that, you do need to wipe those oils and any dust particles off your lens. If all your have is a shirt or a dress that will be fine, just make sure it's cotton or similar that will absorb any skin oils. Synthetic clothing will only further smear it around.

      Don't zoom!

        You heard that right. Most phones will zoom in digitally after 2-3x of zoom leaving your photos pixelate or blurry. If the subject isn't big enough simply move closer.

        Don't forget about close ups

          Pose for a few photos, it might feel lame but trust us - the results will be amazing. Check out a few from below.


          Rule of Thirds

            Now we're starting to move into the world of professional photography, but it's an easy way to make your photos look great! You phone's camera will have an option for grid lines. We recommend turning these on a few weeks before and playing with the idea a little. Placing the subject on one of these lines, within a box, or where the lines intersect will help make a photo more appealing to the human eye. While this rule can be broken, but it's a great way for an amateur photographer to pull off a great photo.

            Allow for movement, or props

              We see this all the time. The subject (you) is set up in the middle of the photo, they'll use their gender reveal cannon only to have it's contents go beyond what there camera has captured. 
              Instruct your photographer to keep you in the bottom half of the frame, or as we spoke about above, on that lower third line. This will allow them to capture not only you, but that giant plume of smoke or confetti that reveals your child's gender.


              Burst Mode or Live Mode

              If a photo is what you're doing, make sure you use 'burst mode' on your phone. It's that mode where your camera takes multiple consecutive photos. Or on an iPhone you can use 'live  mode'. But make sure your photographer is getting as many photos as possible from the moment you hit "1" or just before. That holi powder or confetti comes out fast! - you don't want to miss it.