Are Gender Reveal parties offensive?

Are Gender Reveal parties offensive?

A Gender Reveal can be part of a person, or a couple's pregnancy journey. It's a great way to celebrate the half way point of a pregnancy.

Some may be offended that you've chosen to reveal your babies gender and celebrate such a milestone, however you do not have to share the occasion with them.

There is a community within Australia that is offended by the idea of sex and gender being the same thing. While we strongly advise against making a point of offending however we understand that there will always be a group offended by any given action.

A Gender Reveal is a choice to make on yourself.

Will you allow the chance of offending others prevent you from celebrating your journey to parenthood? Or will you choose to make new memories with those you love during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be a difficult journey, not only can falling pregnant be difficult but maintaining a pregnancy to birth isn't always nature's way. The rate of miscarriage in Australia is as high as one in four, so if you've made it to this mid-way milestone you certainly have reason to celebrate!

If a miscarriage does occur to you or someone you know we encourage you to discuss it with those you know or reach out to a not for profit organisation like Red Nose who can help you through a difficult time.