Corkscrew metallic mixed streamers cannon launcher/popper - Confettified - Party Popper
Corkscrew metallic mixed streamers cannon launcher/popper - Confettified - Party Popper

Corkscrew metallic mixed streamers cannon launcher/popper

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Key Information:

  • 🛫 Free EXPRESS delivery option when purchasing 4-6 units
  • 🏢 This product is not for outdoor use
  • 📏 Size: 45 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
  • ↔ Minimum Range: 6 m

Corkscrew shaped metallic style streamers in mixed colours, easy to clean up and make for a great celebratory effect hanging from whatever they hit while travelling through the air.

These Corkscrew streamers are a mylar/metallic finish that tend to reflect and shimmer in the light as they begin to fall.

Our standard launcher is 45cm long and the streamers are launched by twisting the base and pointing away from people. All our streamers are flame retardant and non toxic.

Streamers are a great option to as to avoid the hassles or or venue imposed charges for the clean up of confetti. Out metallic streamer cannons are exceptionally quick and easy to clean up, meaning anyone can do this in a matter of seconds while still providing an incredible effect as the slowly flutter down while shimmering in the light

All the streamers shown in our product photo are from a single launcher.

Confettified have a range of handheld streamer cannons that can be viewed in our streamers section.

See out stores page for more information

Confettified Gender Reveal Cannons are now available at the following locations:

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We have a number of retail outlets across Australia who you can pick up from. You can view a list of our retail outlets across Australia here.

Can I buy locally?
We are currently expanding our range of retail outlets and pickup locations. You can view our current list of authorised retailers here.

What does delivery cost?
Delivery is now completely free!
As an added bonus, you can now purchase 4-6 poppers and gain an express delivery upgrade to anywhere in Australia!

How long will my order take to arrive?
For a complete list of destinations and time frames have a look at "how fast is delivery?"

I ordered both blue and pink concealed holi power, how can I tell them apart?
The only identifier on our concealed cannons is now a barcode. You can use any barcode app to identify the colour or enter the barcode number in the search function of our website.

Can I buy and then a friend tell you the colour?
Yes, Take a look at "A friend will choose my gender reveal colour"

My order is urgent!
We have express delivery options available.
If your order is urgent and you're unsure if it will arrive in time please message us and we will give you an indication of whether or not your potential order can arrive by a certain day. We'll even tell you the latest you can order to safely receive it in time.

When will my order be sent out?
Our courier collects from 8am. We aim to have all orders placed up to 6am departing at this time.

Can I take your confetti on a plane?
Our confetti & holi powder cannons contain a small Co2 canister in the base. As they are not pyrotechnics they are safe for airline travel provided they are in your check in luggage.
Our products are classed as DG2.2 and must be checked in.

Can I track my order?
Yes! You will receive an email from our courier agent prior to departure with a link to the tracking details. Sometimes the first scan may be delayed by a few hours however It will start to show the day of it's pickup, most scans there after are close to immediate

Do you have a program for influencers?
Yes, we've just started our affiliate program, you can apply here.

I'd like to become a retail outlet
We are always looking to expand the locations where our products are available. Please have a quick read of our trade partners page and then get in touch with us.

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?
No, you don't have to take a gift to a gender reveal party. If you take something small the couple will certainly appreciate it, but it is not expected or common to take gifts to a gender reveal party in Australia.

Where to buy gender reveal cannons?
You can purchase gender reveal cannons from the Gender Reveal section of our website

Where to buy smoke cannons for gender reveal?
Where to buy smoke cannons for gender reveal
You can purchase gender reveal smoke cannons or poppers from the Gender Reveal section of our website